Flood Light (20W)


        Type: APP-FL-20W-02

        Light source: LED

        Power: 20W

        Work voltage: AC(85V-265V)/(50-60HZ)

        Power factor(PF): >0.9

        Light efficiency: 70-100 lm/w

        Lumens: >1400LM

        No UV or IR light radiation

        Fixture efficiency: >90%

        View angle: 90°

        Color instruction: >80

        Color temperature(CCT): 2600-7000K

        Life time: >50,000 hrs

        Luminance decrease: keep lighting 1000hours decrease1%

        IP grade: IP65

        CE certification

        Net weight: 2.5kg

        Dimension of the product: 225*185*130mm

        Dimension of the external box: 56.5*34.5*26cm

        Quantity (PCS): 4 pcs in a carton


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