LED Display (Moving Sign) Series

PH7.62mm Indoor/Semi-outdoor LED display


  1.        Multi-color, single color models available
  2.        24 display modes, 5 display speeds, 10 stop-time
  3.        Adjustable font size and style, 15 fonts from very small to very large type
  4.        28 attached icons of alterable color, international character of changeable font
  5.        Single color: 2 kinds of text colors, 2 colors image display
  6.        Multi-color:12 kinds of text colors, 8 colors image display
  7.        High precision real time clock & calendar, 10 kinds of time formats
  8.        All characters, numbers, and symbols are available
  9.        All texts flush modes, default flush left
  10.        Temperature function available Fahrenheit /Celsius display mode optional (Temperature sensor is required)
  11.        512K internal message storage memory; Long durability of 10 years or longer
  12.        Total 36 messages available. Each message can be mixture of text/graphic/time/temperature. Every message  supports  2K of text and 8K of graphics
  13.        Addressable display operation available- control multiple displays in one network
  14.        Automatic power on/off by time of day and/or day-of-the-week optional
  15.        Automatic message switching by time of day and/or day-of-the-week optional
  16.        8 grades of brightness adjustment manually; user-defined brightness grade in 4 time periods
  17.        PC software integrates all kinds of communications, switch RS-232 standard optional
  18.        RS-485, Ethernet ,Wireless RF, GSM available
  19.        Firmware and fonts update on-line



INSTRUCTION MANUAL: BSIR_A Programming Manual_2007

SOFTWARE MANUAL: LED MovingSign2007 Software manual

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD: LED MovingSign_2007_v1.3.5